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Refund and Revision Policy

WriterZilla would like you to be delighted with your articles and the services we provide. Thus we have started a revision and reimbursement policy that delivers the highest protection and confidence in our task.


It will be very improbable that you contradict or will not be satisfied with our know-how of the work. You may on the other hand have other issues which will make you demand a refund. We will try our best to manage it.

  1. If we are not currently employed on your task, you can demand a direct refund of 100%.
  2. If we are working on your assignment, we will gladly refund for any part that which is not complete. We can not refund for work that is completed. Example: If you have ordered a dozen items and we have completed six of them, you can ask for a refund of the six parts incomplete.
  3. If we have delivered the work we can not accept a return. We will not refund for goods and services currently delivered.

* However, we have a revision policy if you feel we have not met your standards.


  1. We try our best to supply high-quality content and pledged to make our customers happy.
  2. If we deliver work that does not meet the agreement we made with you by e-mail, we will revise the work so that we meet your expectations.

If by any chance we are not able to deliver appropriate revisions, you will be refunded 100% for all components of the task that are not provided or considered to be incorrect.


A submission for a refund should be made in writing via email to Requests must be made within 48 hours after the consignment delivery date. If you demand a refund, you will need to agree in writing that you will not use any portion of the project that has not been paid for and will delete the files. This policy is subject to all copyright regulations.

Any misuse of this policy, determined by us, may result in denial of a refund request.

* Please note that all goods and services of are intangible and there is no physical delivery.