SEO Content Writers


What is the length of each piece that we produce?
The articles we write are 300 to 500 words. If you want them shorter we can do that for you. If you require 500+ words in your articles, we will charge you an additional amount. Please contact us if you want articles longer than 600 words.

How fast can bang on these articles?
We strive to return every order under 100 articles within 5 days. Most orders are generally accomplished by this time. Once signed up, you will be sent an e-mail about the keywords and you can use this e-mail to answer or check up on your order. In short, we have the articles very quickly and effectively and without quality loss.

How long have you been in the market?
We have been making SEO articles for about 2 years and are known by numerous Internet providers as the leading source of original SEO optimized content.

Are your authors in the United States or overseas?
Our writers are in the U.S. We only use U.S. English-speaking writers for our projects. You will not ever have a foreign dialect in our articles.

Who composes these SEO items precisely?
Our highly trained group of professionals that are scholars, housewives, students, educators, solicitors, researchers, actors, writers, unaligned filmmakers and different kind of professionals write articles for us. They all have been taught to compose SEO items for uniqueness and good readability.

Why no minimums? Nearly all other enterprises on the net have a smallest order?
We are pioneers on the Internet and we like to set standards instead of meeting them. We considered it best to have a no barrier website; a location that lets you get access to our writers for as little as $6.

Will the content dispatched by you be utilized in anyway?
No, 100% of the content produced is for you. You have all privileges to the content, and not us. We are simply Ghost Writers, and have no use of content for any reason.

How many clients have you served?
We have served over 160 clients and have more than 30 clients who use our services on a regular basis.

Can you do blog posts too?
Yes, the blog writing service has identical cost to our article writing service.

Can you do e-books, exceptional reports and other freelance writing projects?
Yes, visit the Contact Us page and send an email for further details.